What is Passage?

Passage is a platform for producing immersive 3D worlds and experiences.

Built with the Cosmos SDK and leveraging cutting-edge technology like Unreal Engine 5, Passage is an L-1 Proof-of-Stake network. The Passage platform is blockchain-agnostic and supports in-browser streaming, cross-world commerce for fungible tokens and NFTs, decentralized social functionality, and 3D communication infrastructure.

With drag-and-drop world building tools and AI, Passage empowers brands and creators to produce and optimize high-quality experiences for their communities, from livestreams and webinars to product launches, meetings, fundraisers, and community-focused gaming.

The Passage Ecosystem is comprised of:

  • World Builder: Passage offers a set of powerful, flexible tools for creating immersive 3D worlds, including a drag-and-drop editor, templates, 3D asset library, plugins for custom functionality, and an SDK.
  • Social Tools: A social layer that connects all worlds and experiences together, with a dashboard and social feed for discovering experiences, connecting with friends, and sharing updates. Social tools allow Passage worlds to be streamed to multiple platforms simultaneously, and users to access worlds in 1 click.
  • Passage Chain: Passage is an L-1 chain built on the Cosmos SDK. 3D assets, NFTs, achievements, identity, social connections, and more live on-chain. This network is referred to as the Relationship Protocol.

Passage aims to create a uniquely open and transparent social platform, with key open-source elements of the ecosystem including:

  • Worldbuilding SDK
  • Smart contracts
  • Relationship Protocol
  • Plugin system

The PASG Token

PASG is the native token of the Passage ecosystem, designed for:

  • Governance: PASG holders can participate in governance and vote on proposals related to the platform’s direction and development
  • Security & Staking: PASG holders can stake and delegate their tokens to validators to support security of the network. A percentage of tokens spent in the marketplace, as well as inflation, are allocated as rewards.
  • Incentivizing Open-Source Contributions: Developers can earn PASG by contributing to open-source development of the platform such as bug fixes, new features, and improvements to existing functionality.
  • Decentralized Assets: PASG powers decentralized assets (NFTs) on the Passage platform.
  • TGE and mainnet launch took place in August 2022, and the token will publicly launch on August 29, 2023 on StreamSwap.

Passage Team

Passage is founded by Lex Avellino, who spent over a decade in virtual production and digital experiences. What began in 2017 as a creative agency for producing digital experiences for leading brands like Warner Brothers Studios, Amazon, Capitol Records, and Red Bull, evolved and expanded into Passage as Avellino saw a growing need for better digital experiences. He began work on Passage in 2020, envisioning a platform that empowered brands and creators to easily build their own immersive worlds and virtual experiences.

The Passage project is led by a team of veterans in blockchain, ecommerce, and virtual production. In mid-2022, Passage hired 2 former executives of Enjin (ENJ)—Caleb Applegate as CEO, and Bryana Kortendick as Chief of Staff—who previously helped lead a $38.9M raise for Efinity (EFI) and helped rally $200M in retail support to secure one of the first Polkadot parachain slots.

Where to Buy Passage (PASG)

The Passage (PASG) token launched publicly on StreamSwap on August 29, 2023.

PASG is currently available on Osmosis and MEXC.

Distribué automatiquement à chaque bloc
Downtime: 0.5%
Doublesign: 5%
Déflationniste sur la base de la participation au staking
Période de déliaison de 21 jours
Nouvelle délégation requise


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