cheqd ( is a privacy-preserving payment and credential network that allows users and organisations to gain control and portability of their data. cheqd builds upon Decentralised Identity, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and Digital or Verifiable Credentials (VCs) with payment infrastructure to create Trusted Data markets as an entirely new industry category.

With its technology, cheqd is creating a new paradigm around Trusted Data economies such as re-usable KYC in Web3, preference data markets, and others where the user is at the centre. It empowers consumers and businesses with full ownership, portability, and control over their data and identities. In addition, this data can be transacted within a payment network that prioritises individual privacy and market-first principles. The scale of distribution is unmatched as cheqd engages with organisations across Lending, Supply Chain, eCommerce, Education, Manufacturing, Gaming, and other sectors.

cheqd also features a decentralised reputation platform ( to incentivise and engage Web3 communities through quest or learning credentials, generate community insights, as well as protect users from fraud and scamming across Discord, Telegram and beyond.

Distribué automatiquement à chaque bloc
Downtime: 1%
Doublesign: 5%
Déflationniste sur la base de la participation au staking
Période de déliaison de 14 jours
Nouvelle délégation requise


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