Archway is an an incentivized L1 blockchain that allows developers to capture the value their dapps create, enabling sustainable economic models.

The Value Capture Engine works by allowing developers to:

  • Set their own smart contract premiums: Developers can add a fee for every time someone uses their contract. 100% of this fee will go to the dapp developers.
  • Receive Inflationary Yield: Archway shares a portion of the network’s token inflation directly with dapps. Currently, 25% goes to dapp developers and 75% goes to validators/delegators.
  • Receive Gas Rebates: Archway gives developers half of all gas fees their contracts generate. There’s also a deflationary component to this, as the other 50% of the transaction fee is burnt.

As a means of staying on the cutting edge, we are constantly improving our developer stack and tooling to help developers build the best solutions on top of the Archway protocol. We have made significant progress in the areas of documentation, tooling, and the addition of new features:

  • Documentation: Our documentation is best-in-class. Explore our docs.
  • Tooling: arch3.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to build web applications and tools that interact with the Archway network. The Archway Developer CLI is a command-line tool for working on smart contracts.
  • New Features: Several new modules have been added to increase the feature set.
    • Callback: Allows smart contracts to schedule transactions at designated block heights, enhancing automation and decreasing the dependency on intermediary solutions.
    • CW-ICA: Enables smart contracts to register ICA accounts and submit transactions to be executed on counterparty chains connected to Archway via IBC.
    • CW-Fees: Significantly enhances how dapps can cover transaction fees for accounts within the Archway ecosystem via their smart contracts, which was not possible with the native FeeGrant module.
    • CW-Errors: Provides a standardized way for smart contracts to handle errors related to transactions initiated by the Archway protocol, which could occur via the Callback or CW-ICA modules.
Distribué automatiquement à chaque bloc
Downtime: 0.01%
Doublesign: 5%
Déflationniste sur la base de la participation au staking
Période de déliaison de 21 jours
Nouvelle délégation requise


Besoin d’aide pour déléguer ? Notre guide de staking pour Archway est là pour vous aider.

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